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Gallery of Ganesha Images

This painting of Ganesha is from Basohli India from around 1730 CE.
This style of miniature paintings was popular among the nobles of that time.

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Basohli miniature painting from circa 1730

Statues of Ganesha have been made out of every type of material including wood, stone, clay, metal and plastic. You can find small hand-carved wood statutes, huge statues carved into stone and beautiful statues made of pure gold, inlaid with precious gems. Small statues such as this might be found in a Hindu temple, on an altar in a devotee's home, on the dashboard of his car or beside his computer at work.

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small statue of Ganesha

Brightly colored posters, such as this picture of Ganesha below his parents Shiva and Parvati, are a common sight in India. The style of this picture is similar to the dramatic advertising posters for popular Bollywood movies.

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Poster of Ganesha's Family

Ganesha is often represented in abstract form. Only the outline of his elephant head, long trunk and a few of his many symbols can create an image as meaningful as the more typical life-like paintings and statues.

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Ganesha abstract image

This large statue, called a Murti, was made especially for Ganesha Chaturthi. At the end of the 10 day festival, the statue will be carried to a river or ocean and immersed in water.

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large murti statue

Ancient Ganesha continues to be a popular subject for modern artist.

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contemporary painting of Ganesha

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